Senior College Encyclopedia Project

The Senior College Encyclopedia (SCE) is a project currently under development within Senior College. The SCE has as its primarily focus the history, development and present character of the University of Toronto, and is intended ultimately to be a comprehensive information and reference source, available to any individuals, organizations and agencies, inside and outside of the institution. In addition, the encyclopedia will have as a principal goal the facilitation of research and scholarship on topics related to the University itself and to higher education in Canada more generally. The encyclopedia project has received the generous support of the University Library in making available a MediaWiki program and website, as well as very much appreciated technical advice in the development of the project.

The Senior College Encyclopedia, in its preliminary stage of development, is available for viewing on the website indicated below. Members of Senior College and of the larger University community are invited to review the progress to date and to offer any comments or suggestions they might have, as work on the project progresses. In particular, the editorial committee would very much appreciate hearing from any members of the College or University community who might be interested in contributing to the project – by, for example, undertaking a topic overview (a brief, 250-word introduction), or simply providing the editorial committee with any information or references that might be used in the development of identified topics (or additional ones they might wish to suggest: the current topical index is by no means considered to be exhaustive and is itself very much in the process of being built as well).

The encyclopedia website may be viewed at:

This is a project that is important both in terms of its capacity to foster a flexible and comprehensive information and reference base, and in its potential to engage the full University community in the consideration and discussion of a range of issues central to contemporary higher education. The editorial committee very much looks forward to the hearing from prospective participants and contributors.

During the initial stage of development, additions and changes to the encyclopedia will be entered onto the website by the editorial committee. Suggestions and contributions may be sent directly to the committee by email, at