In submitting this application, I understand that:

I agree to be bound by the by-laws, resolutions, rules and regulations now in force and from time to time enacted or passed by the Board of Directors of The Faculty Club at the University Toronto. I guarantee payment of all Faculty Club fees and accounts which may be incurred by me, or members of my immediate family.

I consent to the use of my name, personal and business contact information, and any image for non-commercial use at The Faculty Club at the University Toronto. This includes but is not limited to the Club roster, newsletter, bulletin boards and special postings, and at the point of sale.

By submitting this application, I accept as notice in writing of, and consent to the obtaining from, any credit reporting agency or any credit grantor such information as the Club may require at any time in connection with the membership hereby applied for.

By submitting this application, I exonerate the Club from any liability for loss and damage to any personal property kept or left on the Club property, or any personal injury sustained on or about the Club property, or whether such loss, damage or injury occurs by reason of any act or omission of any servant, agent member or guest of the Club or otherwise.