Annual Symposium

Many years before Senior College was established, the Senior Scholars’ Committee of RALUT (Retired Academics and Librarians of the University of Toronto) organized an annual day-long gathering to hear a panel of distinguished experts present papers on a chosen theme. This and later annual Symposia proved popular and have been continued by Senior College. They give ample opportunity for the audience to question speakers and add their own comments. Over the years, the Symposium Committee has arranged outstanding programs on such themes as “Immigration and Multiculturalism”, “Challenges Facing the City”, “The Brain and Us” and “Life and Death”.

“What Have We Learned from the Pandemic?”

17th Annual Symposium, Wed. April 20, 2022

Date:  Wednesday April 20, 2022

Location: Faculty Club, 41 Willcocks Avenue

We heard lots of practical advice on dealing with the pandemic. This year’s Symposium offered a wider and deeper perspective.

Speakers gave insider views on the COVID experience and the ways new and established knowledge have (or have not) guided public responses. We heard from healthcare managers, public advisors and researchers as well as leaders in the arts and academe. Issues included medical, social, economic, artistic and political challenges. 

The Symposium took place as an in-person event in the Faculty Club and included its excellent food services, including refreshment breaks, lunch, and a wine-and-cheese reception afterwards. An option for Zoom participation was also available.