By Alexander Gregor

The College has initiated an In Memoriam section to its encyclopedia website, which will have as its goal to develop appropriate testimonials to the life and careers of deceased members. The Senior College Bulletin will be publishing brief notices of passings, and inviting colleagues to contribute any memories they might have – personal or professional anecdotes, observations about the member’s contributions to the University and to the world of scholarship, links to commemorations offered elsewhere, etc. An encyclopedia page will be prepared on the basis of these contributions, and brought to the attention of the larger community through subsequent issues of the Bulletin.

Through this commemoration, the College hopes to be able to provide an appropriate and lasting record of the role the retirement community has had in fostering the growth and stature of the University.

The In Memoriam section has been placed on the Main Page of the encyclopedia, with a few of the initial entries included. Examples may be seen in the entries that have been prepared for John Roder and Cicely Watson.

It should be noted that there are several hundred personal entries included in the main body of the encyclopedia, in various stages of development. Senior College members are invited to identify any former colleagues for whom they might like to contribute additional information and reminiscences. Also most helpful would be advice on any names which should be added to the encyclopedia record.

Encyclopedia website:

Contributions may directed to:

 An exploration of similar memorial projects at other institutions showed the following project at Boston College, which follows very closely the sort of format and content we were hoping to develop in the In Memoriam section of the Senior College Record. Readers may find it helpful to consider the Boston College website, in considering the sorts of contribution they might wish to make to the commemoration of former colleagues here.