Renewal of Annual Fees for Fellow/External Fellow

Fees for new Fellows or renewals for the period of July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024

Fellowship fees (cover in-person talks, Zoom access to in-person talks, Book Club, colloquia, excursions, Meet my Colleagues, and special events). The fee is comprised of the fee for the Faculty Club+HST plus $60+HST for Senior College:
o Retired renewal at Faculty Club: $198.88 + $67.80 for total of $266.68

o First year of membership at Faculty Club: 50% reduction in FC fees to $99.44 +$67.80 for total of $167.24

The Faculty Club will bill for these fees directly. Do not pay Senior College. The Faculty Club will collect both their renewal fee and the Senior College fee. NEW: Limited access discount for those who self-identify as unable to come to the Faculty Club for reasons of health or geography: $100 not including Faculty Club membership; includes all Senior College activities presented via Zoom. Register for this limited access fellowship by clicking on this link.

Upcoming Events

If you are applying to be become a Fellow or External Fellow for the first time, please go to