Academic Life in Jerusalem

Let me begin by thanking Ken for the opportunity to say hello to colleagues who read this publication.

Betty and I are happily settled in Jerusalem. We no longer have a car, but we are fortunate to live in an area where we can easily get around to most places we want to visit on foot or by bus. One of the attractions of living here is that 14 of our 18 grandchildren are in Israel. While none of them live in Jerusalem they eagerly visit us as a convenient base to see friends they have here. We can easily walk to the major concert hall in the city & to numerous lectures of interest. We volunteer in a variety of activities – packing food for the poor & in organizations that serve the community. Israel is a small country but one with numerous archaeological sites and great variation in topography Also because flora & fauna here are so different from Canada,I find that I am more conscious of nature here.The climate in this city suites us.The summer is warm but the humidity is very low. Jerusalem is close to the desert. Our granddaughter who lives just outside the city looks out her window at the desert. Winter is mild-seldom reaching zero.

I have attached two photos from a day trip last Sunday to various sites of interest. The attached photos are of mosaics from the floors of ancient Jewish synagogues in Gaza and Jericho now housed in The Museum of the Inn of the Good Samaritan.</pP

Best wishes to all. Arthur Kruger