Your donation to Senior College will benefit the community, the university, and society, by providing needed supplies and infrastructure for the College initiatives outlined below. Retired academics and librarians provide volunteer labour and skills to support these worthy projects:

Academic Programs

• Annual Symposium. Since 2006, Senior College hosts a one-day public symposium devoted to presenting and discussing insights and research on a subject of current public interest. To find out more, please go to

•  Special lectures and events: from time to time the College invites experts to speak on topics of particular interest or current importance.

• Continuing Research and Scholarship by Senior Scholars. This initiative provides small grants (up to $5,000) for scholars in the later stage of their careers who do not require major funding in order to carry out or complete their work.

• The University’s Living Memory: The Senior College Encyclopedia on the History of U of T. The living memory of senior scholars is helping to build a digital encyclopedia of the history of the University of Toronto, and records the achievements of retirees. Recent entries on retirees are linked to the Senior College Bulletin, issued twice each year.

Community Outreach

• University-in-the-Community: Senior College has formed a partnership with the Workers Education Association (WEA) and Innis College to support a program that provides university-level educational content to Torontonians who for financial, heath, family or other reasons are unable to attend university.

Senior College Centre

• Provides services to all Members and Fellows through both current and developing programs. In progress: Visual arts program with exhibits of art, photography, and historical material presented by Fellows and Members, or others associated with the College. In development: Workshops and presentations on a range of topics, such as: protection against computer fraud, health education for seniors, use of the defibrillator, CPR training, and improved, safer living conditions including “universal design” concepts.
Communication with retirees is another function of the Centre.

The University of Toronto will issue tax receipts for any donation. Process your donation online Click Here to Donate using a credit card (VISA, MC, AMEX).