In Memoriam

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Ian MacLean Campbell, Ph.D. (1928 – November 14 2021).  Professor of Life Sciences at Scarborough College, UofT.

Charles Elswood Chaffey, Ph.D. (January 22, 1941 –  Oct 15 2021).  Professor Emeritus at U of T. Charles had a distinguished career in the Department of Chemical Engineering, where he taught environmental chemistry and researched plastics processing. He was a founding Fellow of Senior College and served diligently as bursar from its founding in 2009 until this year.

Margrit Elisabeth Gertrud Eichler, Ph.D. (September 28 1942 – July 8, 2021).  Professor Emerita at U of T. She joined OISE in 1975 and rapidly became a pioneer in Women Studies not only in Canada but internationally, particularly in China. Margrit was active in Senior College, including chairing the Symposium Committee for several years.

Robert (Bob) H. Farqharson, Ph.D. (April 10, 2021).  Professor Emeritus at U of T. He served as Chair of the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, started Seminar, a scholarly journal on German literature and served as Associate Dean and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science.

Jeffrey (Jeff) Fawcett, Ph.D. (July 6, 1936 – March 12, 2021). Professor Emeritus at U of T. He served as Chair of Geology and also had many other administrative appointments at the U of T. For several years he served as Treasurer and then President of the Faculty Club. He received an Arbor Award in recognition of his outstanding service to the University in 2011.

John Keith Gilbert, Ph.D. (August 17, 1934 –  April 22, 2021). Professor emeritus, Department of French, New College, UofT. John was not only a scholar and teacher but also an artist. He acted in both English and French, performing at the Stratford and Shaw festivals and in films with many important Canadian filmmakers.

James Edward Pesando, Ph.D. (October 25, 1946 – March 1, 2021). Professor, Dept. of Economics, UofT. His research focussed on macroeconomics and economics of public and private pension plans.

John Powell, Ph.D. (April 3, 1943 – June 24, 2021).  Professor emeritus, Dept. of Chemistry. Known for his studies on organometallic chemistry.

John Christopher Rucklidge, Ph.D. (January 15, 1938 – May 7, 2021).  Professor of Earth Sciences, U of T.  His research focussed on determining the age and composition of the oldest rocks on earth and in meteorites. In 1969, he found and described the mineral bismuth telluride.

Philip Seeman, MD, Ph.D. OC, FRSC (February 8 1934 – January 9 2021).  Professor, Dept. of Pharmacology, U of T.  Neuropharmacologist and schizophrenia researcher well known for his research on dopamine receptors.

Louis “Lou” Siminovitch, Ph.D. CC OOnt FRSC FRS (May 1, 1920 – April 6, 2021).  University Professor.  First chair of what is today the Department of Molecular Genetics.  He was a pioneer researcher on the genetic basis of muscular dystrophy and cystic fibrosis, and helped establish Ontario programs exploring genetic roots of cancer.


James Francis Sidney Bendell, Ph.D. (March, 1926 – January, 2020).  Professor, Faculty of Forestry, U of T. His research was devoted to understanding the complex biology of animal populations.

William C. Berman, Ph.D.  (d.  December 7, 2020).  Professor emeritus, Department of History, U of T.

Rashmi C. Desai, Ph.D. (November 21, 1938 – June 1, 2020 ). Professor Emeritus, Department of Physics, U of T). Rashmi was interested in the physics of complex fluids and published more than 130 papers and co-authored the textbook “Dynamics of Self-Organized and Self-Assembled Structures”.

Donald  Herbert “Digger” Gorman, Ph.D. (1922 –April 20, 2020).  Professor, Earth sciences (Geology) in the Faculty of Arts & Science, U of T.

Judith Knelman, Ph.D. (1940 – October 9, 2020). Professor emeritus of Information and Media Studies, Western University. She was a journalist, teacher and academic.

David H. MacLennan, Ph.D. OC OOnt FRSC FRS (July 3, 1937 – June 23, 2020).  University Professor, Banting and Best Department of Medical Research, U of T.

William (Bill) H. Nelson, Ph.D. (November 3, 1923 – January 3, 2020).  Professor of History; president of UTFA from 1973 to 1976,  civil rights and environmental activist.

Peter Nesselroth, Ph.D. (March 1, 1935 – May 31, 2020).  Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto (French, Comparative Lit.). Recipient of the Ordre des Palmes Académiques of France

Sylvia Ostry, Ph.D., CC, OM, FRSC (June 3, 1927 – May 7, 2020). Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, U of T.  Distinguished Research Fellow and from 1990 to 1997 Chair of the University of Toronto’s Centre for International Studies.

Marion Campbell Atchison Packham, Ph.D., DSc, FRSC (December 13, 1927 – September 20, 2020), Professor Emeritus, Department of Biochemistry, U of T. Her research involved the study of blood platelets, their role in arterial thrombosis, and inhibition of their function by drugs such as aspirin.

Betty Ida Roots, Ph.D. (October 21, 1927 – October 24, 2020). Professor of Zoology, University of Toronto.

John Christopher Rucklidge, Ph.D. (January 15, 1938 – May 7, 2021). Professor of Earth Sciences

Bruce Schroeder, Ph.D. (1932 – July 28, 2020). Professor, Dept. of Archaeology, U of T. Made many discoveries pertaining to ancient civilizations of the Middle East.

Mario J. Valdez, Ph.D. (January 28, 1934 – April 26, 2020).  Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature, U of T.

John Valleau, Ph.D. (1932 – May 17, 2020).  Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Chemistry, U of T; a founding director of Science for Peace

Melville H. Watkins, Ph.D. OC (May 15, 1932 – April 2, 2020).  Professor Emeritus, Depts. of Political Science and Economics, U of T.

George Ronald Williams, Ph.D.  (1928-July 16, 2020). Professor Emeritus, Chair (1970-1977).  Dept. of  Biochemistry, U of T; Principal UTSC (1984-1989).


Robert Harold Blackburn, (1918 – September 18, 2019). Chief Librarian where he served a distinguished career from 1954-1981. He received honorary doctorates from the Universities of Waterloo, McGill and Toronto which recognized and celebrated his many contributions and achievements over his exceptionally creative and distinguished career.

Meyer Brownstone, Ph.D. (June 26, 1922 – April 3, 2019).  Professor and director of Political Economy (U of T); Professor of Environmental Studies (York U). He was awarded the Lester B. Pearson Peace Medal in 1986.

John Early Davis, Ph.D. (1930 – May 22, 2019).  Professor Emeritus at OISE Depts. of Educational Administration and Theory and Policy Studies.

Hans Bart de Groot, Ph.D. (1939-February 13, 2019).  Professor, Department of English, U of T

Keith Leon Moore, Ph.D.  Hon. D.Sc. (0SU), Hon. D.Sc (WU) FIAC, FRSM, FAAA (October 5, 1925 – November 25, 2019).  Professor and Chair of Anatomy, Division of Surgery, U of T; Associate Dean, Basic Medical Sciences

Desmond Morton, Ph.D. (1937-September 4, 2019). Principal of Erindale College U of T (1986-1994); Professor of political science at McGill University.

Ruth Pike, Ph.D. (April 8, 1932 – March 7, 2019).  Applied Psychology, U of T, and OISE, Member of Governing Council, U of T, 1993-96.

Jack Shapiro, (1927 – January 17, 2019). Studied law and sociology at U of T. Chair of Toronto Board of Health. Toronto General Hospital and Cancer Care of Ontario. Partner of Merrijoy Kelner.

Peter Silcox, (1939-October 12, 2019).  Principal of Woodsworth College (1977-1984); Associate Dean and Vice-Principal UTM (1988-1993).

Mladen Vranic, Ph.D. (April 3, 1930 – June 18, 2019). Professor and chair, Dept. of Physiology, U of T.  Internationally recognized for his studies on diabetes.

Michael H. Wilson, P.C, CC (November 4, 1937 – February 10, 2019). The Honourable Michael Wilson was Chancellor of Trinity College (2003-2006) and the 33rd Chancellor of the University of Toronto (2012-2018).


David W. Booth, (December 20, 2018).  Professor Emeritus, Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, OISE, U of T.

Donald Adam Burwash, (May 20, 1930 – November 16, 2018). Volunteer in the Senior College office on McCaul St. for over four years.

William (Bill) Douglas Foulds (1918-April 1, 2018). He was Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science, retiring in 1984, and served the Faculty Club in many capacities.

William G. (Bill) Friend, Ph.D. (July 25, 1928 – December 16, 2018). Department of Zoology. An entomologist whose research was related to mosquito transmitted Dengue and malaria.

Alex G. Harrison, Ph.D. (April 1, 1931 – September 7, 2018).  Professor, Dept. of Chemistry U of T. His areas of research were gas-phase ion chemistry and mass spectrometry.

Douglas Joyce, Ph.D. (July 20, 1922 – July 1, 2018). Taught in the University of Toronto’s department of Germanic languages and literature, and was head of German at Trinity College in the 1960s.

Terry Kavanagh, MD, DSC (June 6, 1927-Sept. 10, 2018). Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Medicine and the School of Physical and Health Education. Director of the Toronto Rehabilitation Centre. Specialized in cardiovascular health and fitness.

Michael Kirkham, Ph.D. (1934-2018). Professor of English, first at Scarborough College, then at University College.

Denis William Magill, Ph.D. (June 1939 – November 2018). Professor Emeritus, former Director of the Department of Sociology undergraduate program and University Health Studies program.

Robert Harold McNutt, Ph.D.  (July 4, 1937-June 23, 2018).  Principal and Vice-Principal at UTM from 1995 to 2002.

James Cunningham (Jim) Ritchie, Ph.D. (July 20, 1929 – October 3, 2018).  Professor of Botany and Chair, Division of Life Science UTSC.

John C. Roder, Ph.D. FRSC (July 17, 1950 – January 6, – 2018).  A distinguished neuroscientist holding appointments to Mount Sinai Hospital and the University of Toronto.

Miriam Rossi, MD (31 January 1937 – 11 July 2018).  Professor emeritus Paediatric Medicine at the University of Toronto and associated with the Hospital for Sick Children.

Frances Silverman, Ph.D. (1942 – December 11, 2018).  Dept. of Medicine Uof, Gage Institute & Dalla Lana School of Public Health.

Paul G. Walfish, Ph.D. OC (1935 – July 28, 2018).  Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto, Alex and Simona Shnaider Chair in Thyroid Oncology at the University of Toronto and founder of the Department of Nuclear Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital.

George Kurt Weissenborn, Ph.D. (1929 – November 2, 2018).  Associate Professor at St. Michael’s College teaching German language and literature.

Lois Elaine Wier,  (Nov. 6, 1930-Feb. 2, 2018).  Executive secretary at the founding of Erindale College, and later Associate Dean at the Faculty of Music, U of T.


Michael Bliss, Ph.D.(May 18, 2017). Michael Bliss, historian and University Professor was considered as “one of Canada’s most prominent public intellectual” produced 14 books on political, medical and business history and frequently (and sometimes controversially) contributed to public debate of Canadian affairs.

Merritt M. Davis,  (July 22, 2017).  Professor emeritus Civil Engineering U of T.  Professional engineer specializing in highway and vehicle safety.

Gunter Gad, Ph.D. (1939 – September 12, 2017).  Professor emeritus, Department of Geography, U of T.

Francess G. Halpenny, FRSC OC (1919 – December 25, 2017). Served as dean of the Faculty of Library Science at the University of Toronto from 1972 to 1978, now known as University of Toronto Faculty of Information.

Neville Peter Moray , (May 27, 1935-Dec. 15, 2017). Professor, U of T Departments of Psychology (1970-1974) and Industrial Engineering (1981-1988).  Moray’s work focused on automation in manufacturing plants mental workload.

Helen Stephanie Rosenthal, (1942 – August 19, 2017).  A skilled teacher whose mathematical acumen and commitment to equality and social justice led her to become an active and influential member of the University of Toronto Faculty Association.

Arthur Sheps, Ph.D., (1942 – November 11, 2017).  Professor of History at the University of Toronto, where he specialized in American and British social and intellectual history.


Gordon Michael Froggatt, MD (July 15, 2016).  Gordon Froggatt was a cardiologist at Sunnybrook Hospital and professor of medicine. His contribution to medical training was to ensure that students entering the medical profession had excellent clinical experience.

Calvin C. (Kelly) Gotlieb, Ph.D. FRSC (October 16, 2016). Professor Emeritus in Computer Science and in the Faculty of Information Studies at the U of T.  Calvin Gotlieb is considered to be the father of computing in Canada.

Shuichi Nagata, Ph.D (July 11, 2016): Professor emeritus Dept. of Anthropology, U of T.  Chair of the Anthropology Dept. from 1986 to 1991.

Orest H.T. Rudzik, Ph.D. (December 8, 2016). Orest Rudzik taught English at University College from 1961 until 1986. He established a second career when he was called to the bar in Ontario in 1975, and was an active member of the Canadian Ukranian Committee.