Senior College Book Club

Chair: David Milne

Attention Bookworms! Senior College has launched a new dedicated bookclub for fellows and external fellows for 2019-2020 . The book program, encompassing both fiction and non-fiction works, was developed by David Milne drawing on suggestions from fellows. The program inset shows the range and breadth of the reading, and the informed leadership in every club session.

The Club got off to a fine start in September with over 20 participants weighing in on Yuval Harari’s controversial book Sapiens.  The discussion was wide-ranging and spirited.  The second session focused on the existential threat of climate change and the sad and completely inadequate political response to the crisis heretofore. The book was Bill McKibbens, Falter: Has the Human Game Begun to Play Itself Out?  The session, chaired by John Yeomans, was superb, assisted as it was by expert Jessica Green who kindly agreed to attend and enrich Club discussion.  On the third session in November,  Linda Hutcheon skillfully chaired the session on Miriam Toews’ novel, A Complicated Kindness, while Maggie Redekop provided expert insight on the author and Mennonite community life and history.

So there you have it! Great books, important topics, good participation, and informed chairs and discussants.  Next the Club tackles Thomas Piketty’s Capital, and the urgent public debate over growing inequality in a globalized world. Then the Club turns to biography,  and celebration of Beethoven in the 250th year of his birth. So so it goes, so much to enjoy! So rich and varied a menu!  Clearly Senior College continues to deliver value to its members.

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