Annual Fees for Fellow and External Fellow*

Fees for new Fellows or renewals for the period of July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024

Fellows and External Fellows. The fee covers in-person talks, Zoom access to in-person talks, Book Club, colloquia, excursions, Meet my Colleagues, special events and membership in the Faculty Club. The fee is comprised of the fee for the Faculty Club plus HST ($190.00 + $9.88 = $198.88) plus the fee for Senior College plus HST ($60.00 + $7.80 = $67.80).
total fee =  $266.68

*Spouses/partners of Fellows and External Fellows pay a reduced fee for the Faculty Club portion of their fees so their total fee is $143.51  

Note: Those who are becoming a member of the Faculty Club for the first time receive a one year 50% reduction in FC fees to $99.44. Therefore, their total fee will be ($99.44 +$67.80) $167.24 (spousal/partner fee remains $143.51)

N.B. You will be billed by the Faculty Club for both the Faculty Club and Senior College portions of the fee. Do not pay Senior College directly.  

Limited access Fellowship The fee for those requesting a limited access Fellowship (i.e. who self-identify as unable to come to the Faculty Club for reasons of health or geography) is $100. This includes all Senior College activities presented via Zoom but does not include Faculty Club membership.