Harold Atwood: Current issue of Journal of Neurogenetics in his honour to contain articles and retrospective of his graduate students and postdoctoral fellows

Richard M. Bird: November, 2017: Lifetime Contribution Award, Canadian Tax Foundation

Linda Hutcheon: October 10, 2018: Doctor of Humane Letters (honora cause) from Victoria University Toronto

Michael Hutcheon: May, 2017 – Inaugural presentation of the Michael Hutcheon Mentorship Award to the staff in UHN/Mt. Sinai Department of Medicine

Daphne Maurer: 2017: DSc (honora causa) McMaster University

Niva Piran (OISE 1987-2017): August 10, 2018 – 2018 Association for Women in Psychology Publication Award for book “Journeys of embodiment at the intersection of body and culture – a developmental theory of embodiment”
Recipient of award for best article of 2010 and corecipient for best article of 2006 selected in 2018 by editors of “Eating Disorders: the Journal of Treatment and Prevention” to celebrate 25 yeas of publication.

Guido Pugliese: 2016 – Issue of journal Camp immaginabili Rivista semesgrale di cultura dedicated to him

Peter Russell: Two prizes for 2018 book “Canada’s odyssey: a country based on incomplete conquest”
(1) Canadian Political Science Association Donald Smiley prose for best book relating to Canadian government and policy
(2) Osgoode Society John Saywell prize for best book on Canadian constitutional history

Senior College Fellows and Members are invited to inform the office of any honours they or their colleagues have received. The College also publishes the Senior Scholars Annual which provides a list of publications, activities and honours; at an appropriate time, you will be invited to contribute information.