In Memoriam, 2016- 2017

Michael Bliss (May 18, 2017): Michael Bliss, historian and University Professor was considered as “one of Canada’s most prominent public intellectual” produced 14 books on political, medical and business history and frequently (and sometimes controversially) contributed to public debate of Canadian affairs.

Merritt Davis (July 22, 2017): he led an accomplished life as a professional engineer, highway and vehicle safety expert, and Professor at UofT. 

Gordon Michael Froggatt (July 15, 2016): Gordon Froggatt was a cardiologist at Sunnybrook Hospital and professor of medicine.

His contribution to medical training was to ensure that students entering the medical profession had excellent clinical experience.

Calvin Gotlieb (October 16, 2016):  Calvin Gotlieb is considered to be the father of computing in Canada. He was a cofounder of the Computer Centre at the University of Toronto in 1948 and established the first university computer science department in Canada shortly afterwards.

Shuichi Nagata (July 11, 2016): Professor Nagata’s fieldwork including the study of the Hopi people and indigenous societies of Malaysia. He served for a time as chair of the Anthropology Department.

Orest Rudzik (December 8, 2016): Orest Rudzik taught English at University College from 1961 until 1986. He established a second career when he was called to the bar in Ontario in 1975, and was an active member of the Canadian Ukranian Committee.