Update on the refugee family we are supporting

Peter Hajnal has received the following update from Humanity First about the family co-sposored by our refugee support group:

Zahida, her mother and brother Faheem are settling well in their new life. They have been moved into their rented accommodation near Finch and Weston area in North York. We have provided them with the necessary startup items including furniture, kitchenware, TV, Winter clothing, etc. They are receiving their monthly allowance and rental payments on monthly basis. They have learnt about their local area, banking, shopping, routs and commuting through public transport.

Zahida has taken an ESL language test has done above the average in her test. Faheem is struggling in finding work but is actively looking for work. Both Zahida and Faheem have some physical challenges in finding employment, but they are pursuing ESL classes. Humanity First volunteers are also helping them every now and then in taking them for medical appointments and other necessary activities they need to attend.

The family is also engaging in community activities such as attending community meetings, events and trying to acclimate to life in Canada.

I will definitely pass on your greetings and good wishes to the family. We appreciate your continued support.