UofT Services

Pensions and Benefits

Because of the confidential nature of pension and benefits; retirees should contact the Benefits and Pension team directly:

For inquiries regarding Tuition Waiver, Joint membership and Green Shield Health and Dental Benefit including (deluxe travel benefits)
– Elizabeth (Liz) Fong – Benefits Advisor at 416.978.2113 (liz.fong@utoronto.ca)
– Keithann Newton – Benefits Specialist at 416.978.4673 (keithann.newton@utoronto.ca)
For specific claims inquiry retiree are encouraged to contact Green Shield directly at 1.888.711.1119

For inquiries regarding Pension
– Contact Uof T Pension Services at 1.888.852.2559, web login required http://resources.hewitt.com/utps/
– Shapeekka Subakar – Pension Advisor at 416.978.6260 (shapeekka.subakar@utoronto.ca)
– Joe-Anne Vanhorn – Pension Specialist at 416.978.5595 (joeanne.vanhorn@utoronto.ca)

Email enquiries from non U of T email accounts will only be responded to in general terms due to the unsecure nature of email.