The Members of Senior College constitute the College’s governing body, the Senate. Through the Senate’s Annual General Meeting, they adopt and amend the College’s Constitution and annually elect the College Council and the College Officers – the Principal, Vice-Principals, Registrar, Bursar, and Communications Director. The College Council directs the academic activities of the College and appoints the Chairs of the College’s Standing Committees.

The College’s Executive Committee is responsible for implementing decisions of Council and making recommendations to Council. It consists of the officers of the College and the Chairs of Standing Committees.

The College’s Standing Committees do most of the detailed planning and monitoring of the College’s academic activities. They include committees for the following purposes: Budget, Fund-Raising, Membership, Nominating, Program, Annual Symposium, Colloquia and University-in-the-Community.

The Board of Management of the Senior College Centre directs the activities of the Centre. The Board comprises representatives of the University of Toronto’s Office of the Vice-President and Provost, officers and members of Senior College, representatives of UTFA, including its retiree committee (which supersedes RALUT (Retired Academics and Librarians at the University of Toronto) , and representatives of University of Toronto faculty and librarians who have not yet retired. The Board is chaired by a representative of the Provost’s office. The Principal of Senior College is the co-chair.


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